ECG in the News

PhotoVoice Project— coverage by the Advocate News

Community Food Assessment Kickoff— coverage by the Everett Independent

Gardens for Good: Where are they Now? –coverage by Nature’s Path

Farm Cleanup 2016— coverage by the Everett Independent

Canning Workshop 2016— coverage by the Everett Independent

Coming Together at Northern Strand Community Farm

RWJ Wellness 2014 from Everett Community Television on Vimeo.

Northern Strand Community Farm coverage by the Everett Independent

Tisch Fund: 2015-2016 Projects

Food Day event featured by the Everett Independent

Food Tank features Everett Community Growers

Everett Independent: Everett Community Growers Need Votes to Win National Contest

ECG featured in the Everett Independent:
“The lure of fresh-grown food has caused an expansion. This year, 15 plots were added on the other side of Everett at Tremont Street – and the new location has been wildly popular.”

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Site Visit:
“As a finalist in this competition the City of Everett, its Health and Wellness Department, and its community partners the Joint Committee for Children’s Healthcare, the Cambridge Health Alliance, the Everett Public Schools, Tri-Cap, La Comunidad, and Energize Everett, are recognized on a national level as one of the leading cities and towns in the country working to transform health by bringing together a broad range of partners to improve health outcomes for residents.”

Ribbon Cutting from 2012- Everett Independent

Urban Agriculture Expansion- Everett Independent

Letter to the Editor- Everett Independent